Jun 22 2014

I do not breathe

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I do not know. I do not try
I just sit here and wait to die.
I mourn the scars that I have made –
They’re angry scars that never fade.

I do not cry. I do not care.
I have no feelings left to spare.
I watch the sun – it rises, sets,
I want to die and just forget.

I do not look. I do not see.
I try to hide the real me.
I’ve hidden who I am so long
that being truthful seems so wrong.

I do not breathe. I do not pray.
I only wish to die today.
I find myself in need of care
but maybe you have none to spare.

I do not hope. I do not grieve.
I have no reasons to believe
in God or you or even me.
I do not know who I must be.

I do not smile. I do not feel
I find that nothing here is real.
There are no walls around this place.
I live in one large, empty space.

I do not know. I do not try.
I lie down and I wait to die.
I watch the sun to see it rise.
Why aren’t you here to say goodbye?

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