Nov 22 2011

I Don’t Believe in the Sky

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I have this belief,
And by the end of whatever this is,
I hope you can share it with me.

Do you believe in the Sky?
I don’t.
And I never will…

Isn’t it absurd, and idiotic, and narcissistic, to believe in the Sky?

I believe so.

But people have never taken it seriously,
And you won’t understand or listen either.

You probably think I’m lunatic.

That there’s no chance for me, whatsoever.

And I would agree with that.

Maybe I’m trying to take away your chance.

Because I’m jealous I never had one to begin with.

Yes, I was born human,
And all humans have the potential of geat evil.

I have commited my sins,
And so have you.

But I won’t be forgiven.
You might.

Because I don’t believe in the Sky.

So many people wait.
So many people aspire.

But in that moment of your life,
When you’re holding on to your last heartbeats,
You are utterly dissapointed.

And I laugh at the fool.

I crush your dreams and hopes.

“I told you there was no Sky”,

“You’re pathetic”.

“At least, I was dammned from my origin.”

But my laughing comes to a stop, as I find my happiness utterly empty.

It’s miserable, that I was right.

Despair rushes through my body,
It feels like my chest is on fire,
And I crumble.

I’ve always wanted to believe in the Sky.
I always thought it was so mesmerizing and peaceful.

But I was right,
And you were wrong.
And now I don’t suffer, but you have no glory.
I guess I win,
But I’ve lost too.

And I was that person twice.

Are you lost?
I guess I failed,
I have failed… again.

I guess I’m human,
I guess I’ll die.
I guess I’ll burn forever,
While you rejoice in the Sky.

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  1. Shyon 26 Nov 2011 at 5:13 pm

    I lik it

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