Oct 25 2010

I Give to Thee

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I perceive thine eyes
they beckon
wonderful conception
and thou wouldst have me
for thine own

I grant thee no sorrow
for the tempest of thy love
wouldst bear me away
to thy waiting breast

I feed and thou wouldst
nourish my soul
for where we go
demon and angel fear to tread

but in thy passion
I fear not
for thou wouldst make safe
my heart
and no more remain
in fragile state

for thou commiteth all
and wrap my soul
in thy devotion
till I belong hopelessly
to thee

and in thy ocean of adoration
I wouldst drown
and cry not for help
but drink of thee my fill

oh give of me thy heart
elegant lady

I love thee
George W Knox

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  1. angel709on 08 Nov 2010 at 2:52 pm

    this is amazing! keep writing!

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