Jan 08 2012

I Have Found You

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Have I found you,
On Rygar Boulevard,
Walking with a white and red pill down your system,
Looking suspicious at the quirky shadows of the night.

Have you been lost all this time?
Have you been looking for me,
With those baby brown eyes?

Have you taken the time to consider,
That not all that falls has been broken,
Nor anybody but yourself,
Can fix the fragile drum on your chest.

Have you been smoking,
Packs and pack of endless cigarretes,
Making excuses,
Saying it calms you…down.

Have I ever been as glad,
To encounter you on my midnight shift,
Walking towards a trash can,
Singing a one man opera,
And whispering to myself the craziest of things.

Have I found you,
Waving at me,
Smiling with your baby brown eyes,
Joining my song in the heart of the night.

Have I found you,
Or is it you who has saved me from myself?

I’ll never know,
And I couldn’t care less…

But now within your bubble of satin and warmth,
I surrender myself,
And fall to your knees.

I surrender who I’ve been and who I’ve become,
For who you are.

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