Apr 27 2011

I Just Hope Your Happy.

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I can see you running in a field,
Away from me..
Your smile I see..
As you turn your head,
And never look back..
I try an chase after you,
But you seem so far away..
I reach for you,
But my arms couldn’t possibly bring you back to me,
You are running to someone elses..
As I reach for your touch,
I fall to the grass..
I lay in the ground,
And scream your name..
Over and over and over…
But you are nowhere to be found..
Here and there you turn your head,
From his arms grasp..
Why do you?
Is it to see my misery,
Without you running by MY side..
Under my arms..
Do you miss me?
But just can’t come back..
Or do you not know what you want anymore..
I can’t keep up to you anymore..
But I still wish for your precense,
If only I could keep up with you,
Maybe get in front..
Because love is a race,
There will always be the leader,
And the follower..
The believer,
And the traitor..
The giver,
And the taker..
There will always be that one that falls,
And that one that keeps on with the race..
Not caring about how you feel,
But will be happy to rub their happiness in your face..
.. And though I have fallen,
I will cheer you on still..
As I have done before for so long..
Because nobody likes a poor sport..
I hope we can meet up after this race..
But more importantly,
I just hope your happy.

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  1. Rubyon 23 May 2011 at 11:11 pm

    This is so sad yet so Beautiful. Amazing Job you did here. And one day someone will run into your arms 🙂

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