Feb 16 2013

i lay in shards.

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And so here I am.
Here I stand.
Breaking, all over again.
Keep on looking. But never find help.

Being here, all alone.
My own world,
But everything’s gone wrong.

I keep walking,
Keep searching, through this wreckage
That is un-folding
Before my eyes.

I see the impact,
I feel the cuts.
I see the red.
I don’t remember how this happened.
How I got here.
Why I let this sickness spread.

I guess I could escape
From these voices
That now dominate my head,
But I can no longer run
When I know this is how it will eventually end.

So I stay.
And I cry.
I pretend.
And I lie,
I tell you, I’m fine,
I say I’m alright, just tired.

I say these things cause I love you,
And I need you
To be strong.
Even if I die tonight,
No matter where I go.
I’ll always be with you.
Our love will never die.

So I just thought,
You should know…

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