Jul 26 2011

No One Else

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I’ll be the first to be honest, I admit.
When its bad its horrible, when its good its amazing, either or I won’t ever quit.
I know we have had our ups and downs.
Our smiles our frowns.
But it just brought us closer together.
Which is one of the first steps to forever.
Its amazing to think we are staring at the same beautiful moon.
And it feels good to know that I don’t see and end coming soon.
Sense you came into my life, it hasn’t been the same.
Its been so much better, I’m not treating this like a game.
Every time I hear your voice, see you, its a treat.
Every time those happen, my heart skips beats.
With every sweat thing you say.
It takes my breath away.
There is a reason I love you, with in every star.
So look up, look around, look out far.
And try and count them all.
Maybe that will help you learn.
That every single second that passes by is another reason to yearn.
You’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I give you loyalty and devotion, you are my queen.
Please never think we are going to break up.
And if you ever do, just wake up.
I love you, and no one else.
Rather its good or bad, around you I’m myself.
I have never been so proud, to call someone or something mine.
Another amazing month goes by, every time its the twenty-ninth.

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  1. serena93on 27 Jul 2011 at 6:50 am

    cute (:

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