Jun 24 2012

You are the only One

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I hug my books to my chest
And wait by my locker
I look for you
Like I’m some sort of stalker
My friend waits with me
And across from me
You close your locker
Very quickly
We say our hellos
And give our hugs
I mean it’s only normal
We are best friends
But the solid warmth
of your chest against mine
Has my heart beating hard in no time
I wish I could stay like this
For all eternity
But I don’t think you would ever
Really love me
I only watch
I only wait
And my cold heart
Slowly opens it’s gate
When I told myself
I didn’t need a guy
I had lied
Your the only one I know
Who can make me feel this way
The way your hand rests
On my hip in a side hug
It makes my skin heat up
And my heart pound
And I get aware of
every sight and Sound
I know if I just ignore it
My feelings will soon fade
So I won’t tell you how I feel
Even I know that being loved
Would never be real
I just want you to know
Completely without anyone knowing who I am
And who you are
I just want you to know
I love you Rhiley herris
And if you ever see this
Just ignore it

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  1. adminon 24 Jun 2012 at 10:12 am

    v nice poem meghan
    5 starts 😀

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