Oct 31 2011

I love you dearly

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your lips are smooth and make me think of times that were calm and smooth . the fire that burns within my chest is no mere heart burn but love and lust. your eyes twinkle at the thought of me being beside u and your arms are so big and masculine , i only wish you would hold me and never let me go .
i love you so much my dear the earth itself can not believe what fate has brought together. it is love that burns within me and i think of you when the day of burning light , which is the hatred of others .and the sunset , which is the bondage we still share in the end.
i love you dearly .
my heart still skips a beat when i hear the words “i love you baby” tenderly enters my ear. i cant help but to say i love you eternally and dearly . my heart . my pace maker. and my everything . i love you dearly

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  1. Zoeon 30 Nov 2011 at 10:24 pm

    thats really cute showed it to my boyfreind and he totally loved it =)

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