Feb 20 2011

I love you still

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i keep on wondering why?
this feeling fior you wont die.
i want to forget you! yes i tried!
but memories keep haunting me in my heart
and in my mind,
i tried to be happy, with all my friends around me,
pertending that your stil here beside me
but the truth is always prevail
that now being with you cannot be real
everywhere i go, my eyes stil searching for you
want to see you even if your with somebody new
i hope i could talk to you like we do,
and i hope i could do does sweet things as before like the way we do.
i really dont know why hatred was never felt,
after your pretentions and lies,
i love you still!!
yes!! that is true! and no one can replace you in my heart
for it! wil always be you!,

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  1. mariahon 16 Mar 2011 at 4:24 pm

    i lika this 😮 🙁

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