Jul 25 2011

I never thought you would be the one.

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I hope his face was as good as mine.
I hope you know what you did was a crime.
Sure we all make mistakes, but did it have to be on our anniversary?
Now I have to hide the worst of me.
I can’t show you how much I really hurt, I can’t risk you leaving, again.
It feels like the fighting just ended, and the new start just began.
It always seemed like you where closer with guy.
So all this time it was a lie?
When you said it was different, and nothing me and you, you swore?
Do you have anything else to confess, is there more?
I still love you, not any less, I guess its okay.
I’ll move on, get over it, dare I say.
Its just ironic that I don’t feel good enough and you had a thing happen with someone else.
When I have never been so happy with nobody else.
Am I overreacting? Does it just seem so much worse because your the number one thing I miss?
Or is there a fading bliss?

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