Sep 09 2010


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At one point in my life I knew I would feel so alone and worthless, I also knew at one point in my life I would fall in love and feel like there was no one else in the world for me. I knew at one point ill be heart broken, sad, and disappointed. But never at one point did I know I would fall in love with you. Maybe I sound stupid and hard to believe, but you were the person who tied me down and changed my ways. Maybe you don’t feel the same or see thing’s the way I do and I understand. I might not be the prettiest girl around or the girl with the nicest body, but I do have a heart that no other girl will let you keep. I may not make sense rite now but I do love you. There’s nothing I would change about you, you are what you are and just by being yourself is what made me fall in love. Honestly I never thought in my life I would be sitting here writing this poem for a guy that I love this much. You’re the guy that makes me pause for a minute and think, I smile and than say… “Damn, I fucking love him!” Take a minute and think, and than answer this. Do you love me too?
I do believe in love and I do believe in happiness, do you?
I now sit here and tell you, you have my word and my love. So please don’t loose it and break it. Be honest and true. I want no lies, just love.
-Mayra A.

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  1. sandyon 15 Sep 2010 at 6:38 am

    wowww this is soo nice and this poem rite here I feel the same way how u feeling…i lov it

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