Dec 05 2011

I thought you didn’t know.

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Everytime i fall for your games and
this pain goes on replay
as i watch you pull yourself away,

Constantly i’ll love you
and wish someday
you’ll feel the same.

But i know there is no
hope left for
this game
that you always trick me into

And everytime i fall for your lies
i know what’s coming
and soon you’ll see
my early demise!

Everytime you let me go
you bring something up
from the past
and i hate myself even more
for thinking and feeling hope.

When you reel me in
and make me believe you
love me
all over again.

and you know what?
I don’t think i can escape!
From these games you make me play!

You KNOW what he did to me
and still tries!
But i guess you really thought this through,

You know
that if i’m not the cause
of my own demise
then he’ll trap me in a corner again
and further more
rape me with his ugly eyes.

And you won’t save me!
You block out my cries!
And when i thought you didn’t know
i tried to unveil his lies!

But now i know
that you LET him do this!You stood and watched
his hands take strolls

You got pleasure
from my pain.

I’m crying now
’cause i feel betrayed.
Because you’ll forever reel me in
and cause me pain.

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  1. rachelon 07 May 2012 at 10:47 am

    so true it brakes my heart

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