Jun 24 2012

I Will Change Your World

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Its hard to tell why I care so much.
Is it because you cared first?
Or is it because I can’t stand the thought,
Of losing you forever.
You changed my world
Just with one sentence.
One fragment, at that.
All it took was “I care.”
You were the first one to ever,
Straight up tell me that.
It made me step back and think
“Is there really someone out there?”
I don’t know if you will ever,
Come across these words,
But if you ever do, keep in mind,
You changed my world,
Now I’m going to change yours.

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  1. Alon Dyon 21 Aug 2012 at 10:08 am

    I like this poem. Great job! Please feel free to rate and comments my poems as well.Thank you

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