Jun 08 2013

If I were to define love

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If I were to define love I would say
It is an active expression of faithfulness
Patience when it tears you apart to wait
Kindness when it seems easier to be malicious
It is your smile illuminating a stranger’s day
Love is lending a helping hand when it is least expected
It is giving and expecting absolutely nothing in return
It is an interactive system between the one who is loving
And the one who receives such dynamic gift of love
Love is the purest element
It is honour, it is trust, it is truth
It speaks to you in every moment
So listen to the softness of its voice
It desires to fill every vessel of your heart
It beckons to form roots and grow within you
When you receive it do so with humility
Be certain that you cherish it, nourish it
And let it flow through your veins
Let it evaporate into the atmosphere around you
To the hungry, to the homeless
Let if flow to the woman who does not know
How to leave her abuser
The child who does not have a mother, a father
It is abounding with compassion
Love is acceptance of those who seem so different
Than what you are accustomed to
Existing in your tiny comfort zone
It is what every living thing seeks from day to day
If you do not have love within you
You have nothing, you are empty
Just wandering on the high seas of life
You have no purpose
Can you love too much?
No, you can never love enough

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