Jun 22 2011

If Only One Day

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If only one day I could
Make your heart raise its pace
If only I could learn your formula
If only I had the power to daze.

If only one day I could
Make you feel what I feel
If only I could
Share this love that kills

If only one day I could
Make your hands tremble of delight
And on your lovely face shift your breathtaking features
If only you would let me enter your room through a window at night.

If only one day I could
On your lips burn a mark
With the touch of mine
And in your heart ignite a forever lasting spark.

If only one day you would
Give up your life for me
As I do for you
At last, my existence will exit torture and become free.

If only one day you would
Realize that you are the oxygen in my air
That I can’t breathe in without your being filling up every square inch of my soul
And I am never prepared.

If only one day I would
Have to courage to say
How much I uncontrollably love you
And to admit that without the last piece of my puzzle, day by day I’ll slowly start do decay.

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  1. shante gatlingon 06 Mar 2012 at 2:43 pm

    i love your poem but what are you trying to explain???????????????????

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