Aug 04 2011

If Only They Knew

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A lot of people know her as the quiet, smart one.
If only they knew what went on in her mind.

If only they knew…

She experiences great pain & sadness in her heart.
Not only of heartbreak,
but of the things that go on in her life.
She is haunted every second of everyday by her awful, terrifying past..
She was in need of companionship,
But NOBODY seemed to be there for her.
She was so lonely and desperate-feeling,
Self-harm was the ONLY thing that helped her cope.
That sharp edge was her ONLY companion.


Judgement is something she faces day to day.
It makes it so hard for her to enjoy life.
She was so used to life the way it was,
She never imagined it any other way.
One day her life took an unexpected turn,
It made her life take a different direction.
But if only they knew what she went through…
Would it change their opinion on her?

…If only they knew?…

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