Apr 11 2011

If You Were To Die Today I Would Die Tomorrow

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If you were to die today i would die tomorrow,
i cant live without you,
i need your love,
but you want to die,
and i Will die to,
just to be with you,
you are my soul mate,
and i love you for you,
i cant live without you bueatiful eyes,
or your soothing voice,
i want you more and more everyday,
all i want you to know is if you die today i will die tomorrow,
and if i dont have you in my arms i will die without you,
you love is what makes my world go around,
it is though i am at a fairground,
just your the one and only,
i love it when you are near me,
i hate it when your not,
time flys when i am with you,
and i will never forget you,
your my Angel,
and if you died today i will die tomorrow.

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