Jun 28 2012

You mean the world to me

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i don’t know where to start
on our friendship
but i think i’ll just say
that you mean the world to me.

it’s not reversable,
nor is it preventable
cause you’re an amazing
and i need you to know.

i won’t ever give up
and i’ll stand by you
and stick up to the voices
that tell you to you’re worthless.

Cause they’re telling lies,
and what they say is not true
you’ve got friends’
and i’m never going to backstab you.

tell me your problems
and i’ll make solutions
we can fight this illness
and i’ll never let you give up.

If you want to know why
i smile
it’s because you’re there
and i always see your soul SHINE.

you’re my moonlight,
and my stars
you’re the canvas
that inspires me
so much.

you’re my strength
and my beauty
and you’re guidance
and support
continue to surprise me.

you’re the light
behind the dark
you’re beatiful hunni
and you should see

that everytime i look in your eye’s
i find strength
when i thought
what i held
was only weak.

please, my dear,
believe what i say
and when you read this
don’t cry
cause you deserve better
than just me
i love you.
just believe.

don’t feel the sorrow
that the voices deem on you
to handle
ignore them all
tune them out
and listen to me
cause i love you,
and i need you
i’ll miss you

so please,
don’t forget
that i’ll carry you through
you can’t go
you hold beauty
and i just thought
you should know
that even when i’m gone
i’ll still always be here
cause i’ll be the voice in your head
that tells the others
to disappear.

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    its good

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