Mar 21 2011

I’ll tell you

Published by at 6:07 am under Dark Love Poems

I want u to know who i am
its not easy to sum up, of course
but ill use the most important things

ill tell you what i feel inside
my thoughts about life and love and dreams

ill tell you that i am a girl
who cares, even thought its hardly seen

ill tell you i was a funny one
full of laughter and light and love

ill tell you how my laughter died
how something went wrong, up above

ill tell u about the way i doubt myself,
my choices and my sanity

ill tell the story of how i felt
watching others invisibly

another thing ill tell you:
i love the way you make me feel,

i love the love i get from you
it makes you much more real

i want to tell you who you are to me
they way you talk, the things you say

i want to tell you that i miss you

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