Jan 08 2011

Illusions of the Heart

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You make my heart sing.Fly as if it has wings. Then I see you with her and I sink. Sink low deep. Never to recover again. Pain is what I feel and harvest when you’re with her. For my affection for you runs deeper deeper than the roots that hold trees together. This life and the things I see you make it better with your touch your kiss humbly I accept and do your every wish. But she gets the same attention and more. Sideline is what I am. Love me you will never. You adore her kiss her touch her scent. You say you miss me and I believe you. But when I need you you’re with there with her rubbing her shoulders… smelling her hair…kissing her lips…touching her bare… Rubbing here and there. That should be me you want to hold. Catching feelings wasn’t in my plans even though. It was supposed to be a fling that disappeared like sands. But it didn’t and now I’m trapped in a triangular confusion tired and disillusioned. Trying to fit my life and feelings into your already complete puzzle I’m shattering as we speak. Nothing more to be repeated my senses are heightened and they peak at the very thought of you without her and with me. Then I wake and realize. Tis it was just a dream

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