Feb 27 2011

I’m dead….

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There’s nothing left that i can do,
I screamed,
I cried,
I crashed and burn,
You made me cry and burn in hell,
cause i love you with all that I am…
My voice shakes along with my hands when i called out your name,
though I tried,
I cannot get by,
The feelings that I’ve had for you…
Now I’m dead,
You left me alone,
In the dark path that i once called love…
You walk by and i fall to pieces,
I didn’t run away from you,
I walk away slowly,
And it kills me
Because you don’t care….
Don’t care enough to stop me…

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One Response to “I’m dead….”

  1. pixieon 26 Apr 2011 at 11:47 am

    beautifully earnest
    ^_^ ;-(

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