Nov 08 2010

I’m numb

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What I ask isn’t much;
it is love and care and kindness.
It is light, not dark nor pain.
It is comfort that I seek;
comfort will keep me sane.

I long for an embrace
from someone I don’t yet know.
A sympathetic face.
Through the hard times he will tow.

I thought he might not break my heart,
he might not be my end.
I thought his love would be my start.
Against you I would defend.

I once had a good friend
who put me on the mend
for her i would, a thousand times,
my heart in a big box send

I met a guy she didn’t like
and dated him anyway
She saw everything coming;
And told me not to stay

She warned me once,
she warned me twice.
The third time was the charm,
for then it all came tumbling down.


So now I’m sitting here,
all alone.
And I don’t even care;
I’m numb.

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One Response to “I’m numb”

  1. pixieon 15 Aug 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Thinking back on a conversation I had with a friend once, I remember we were talking about me. He said that he knows a lot about me from my poems.
    This one, he said, is completely heartfelt… but is about a friend or family member.
    I, being the weirdo that I am, hinted that it’s about me.
    It isn’t heartfelt. It isn’t true. It’s complete – if I may use his term – poetry for poetry.
    I actually remember writing this in class when I was eleven.
    Wow. That teacher was so boring…

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