Jun 23 2011

I’m Your Curse.

Published by at 11:32 am under Heartbreak Poems

I can’t do this anymore!
i feel i’m dying more inside.
Someone just kill me,
take away my life.

Why am i part of this world,
why does my heart seem to get involved?
If you didn’t get involved with me,
This pain, you wouldn’t have to feel.

I’m sorry you met me,
I’m like your curse,
You shouldn’t have met me,
I caused you to hurt.

I love you,
but what if your better off without me?
you look at me,
we’re both in love,
but this is killing us, can’t you see?

I don’t want to lose you,
but i don’t want to see you in pain,
I’m a crazy, messed up girl,
Baby, im insane.

This pulls on my heart,
it’s being torn apart.
I’m sorry, it had to be this way,
I thought i’d surround you in happiness,
i never knew till now, that im your curse…

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