Dec 16 2011

Inability to Breath

Published by at 12:45 pm under Love and Friendship Poems

Youll find out just what your looking for.Your choice is cruelsome.

Look how glorious it is on the other side.

I can see the water drowing you everytime.Ill save you and hold you until you can breathe again.

Say hey to your old self.

The person you used to know is dead to you.

I can feel all your distant memories.

Inside myself.Distant yourself from the followers and become your own person.

Dont hurt yourself to the point that you dont want to live anymore.

Your suffering your just crying out.

That smile you show is fake to everyone .

You should know in your heart your more than this.

Just open up your eyes and set yourself free.

If you cant find the one .

Your looking in the wrong directions.

But then i found someone and they changed that thought… 🙂

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