Jan 25 2011

Inside Me

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Inside me is a person, screaming and wanting out
Inside me my sobs are full of doubt
Inside me I wish to be loved and wanted
Not to be hurt and haunted
Starving for compassion
Desperate for care
Should I confront you?
Do I even dare?
Lost in the sea of decisions, I’m confused
Wanting anything else but to have to choose
Choose between loneliness and hatred
And lying to be accepted
Do I have to resort to this?
My last resort?
No, this cant be
There must be something more
Disguised by a fake laugh and a couple smiles
Just enough to hide that I’m lost for miles
Inside me is a person
Just like him or you
Doesn’t that mean that
I deserve love too?
No one believes I’m here
That I’m even real
Time can heal all wounds
But I know these wounds can’t heal
Inside me is a person scarred by individuality
Caged by indifference, lost in confusion
So much has happened, I’ve made my decision
Inside me is a person who’s tired of fighting
Tired of pretending to be
Tired of hiding
If I’m going to be me
I’m going to do it right
And you’re going to deal with it
Without a fight
Inside me is a person, screaming and wanting out
Inside me my sobs are full of doubt
But I will remain locked up
Until time proves meaningful
Until I find a significant other half
Until love is plentiful

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  1. lost_in_the_worldon 05 Feb 2011 at 3:33 am

    That’s amazing, it really, really is. Every word you chose was perfect and melted my heart. I hope you can write more sometime soon(:

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