Jul 28 2011

It all seemed right

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How you kiss me,
is how it should be.
Everytime i look at you
you see right thru me.

I can’t share my love for you
because then you’ll know the truth.
You used my weakness’ against me
& you truly hurt me,
broke me in two.

You deserve nothing but the worst,
and you said i love you first.
Everything you’ve done,
this whole time ,
i was being cheated on

You blinded me
Took advantage of me
You didnt love me
Didn’t give a fuck about me!

Tell me why,
Why did you make me cry?
Why you made me depressed,
Why did you receive pictures
of girls undressed?

I thought everything was fine?
After all this time,
i thought i was yours
and you were mine..

What did i do wrong?
We were so strong,
I guess this “love”
was to good to be true,
Im sorry that i
wasnt good enough.

We can’t be friends,
because your my enemy,
You made us end,
took all my energy..

Now those moments i miss,
all the times we kissed.
Everytime we saw eachother
we would hug soo tight.
Those moments were when
It all seemed right ..

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2 Responses to “It all seemed right”

  1. anonymousson 28 Jul 2011 at 9:00 pm

    This poem is really awesome. And it’d be even more awesome if it didn’t look like you stole the “right thru me” part from nicki minaj. You did have a couple of grammar errors. It’s fine though, we’re all humans. It does flow really nice, and the rhyming isn’t really forced. Which is a big plus. And the end is like, perfecto.

  2. OneandOnlyon 31 Jul 2011 at 5:01 am

    Welll i didn’t “steal” the part from Nicki Minaj , she doesnt own the words. But thank you.

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