Aug 15 2011

It Always Happens.

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I lied, I cheated, you cried.
I tried to make you feel better, I tried.
The last time I saw you was on our anniversary night.
You cheated, lied, did the same, I stayed, right?
You left for no reason, now I’m left with no clue.
How the hell did this happen, how did I loose you.
Sometimes I think your still hear, I know its a mirage.
We where a perfect picture, I tore us apart, now I’m finding our pieces to make a collage.
I think I’m confused more than anything else.
And when it comes to decisions I don’t trust my self.
You act like nothing happened, you talk to me the same.
Maybe its just me, I’v gone border line insane.
Its been a hand full of days sense I’v had sleep.
Some times I still think about your lips on his cheek.
I just want to know whats wrong with me.
What could I have done differently?
Even though no other emotions compare.
This always happens to me, I swear.

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