Nov 22 2010

It Hurts…

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How do you tell somebody that you don’t love him
While he is so in love with you

How can you make him forget you
While you mean the world to him

I only see you as a friend
How stupid of me
To not see it coming

I keep saying that I want to be alone
But that is a lie from the truth
I want to be with you
But I am afraid to

My broken heart is still not healed
Everything you say reminds me of “those days”
When I couldn’t separate the fantasy from reality

I don’t want to go through it again
Sometimes I can still feel the pain

Now its worse because I’m hurting you
Caught up between a war within me ,I don’t know what to do
I feel like running away rather then to choose

But what if he is the one I need
My heart tells me to try
But my mind says that I have tried too many times

I know better but I cant help it
How can I trust in love again if…

…the bad side of love is all I’ve known

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One Response to “It Hurts…”

  1. pixieon 22 Nov 2010 at 5:22 pm

    This says so much; it speaks of heartache and lost love, happiness and sorrow.
    Beautifully written!

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