Jan 15 2012

It isn’t nessary

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There is no need
You don’t need to care
Just take away the cloth
So I can just bleed

I don’t need your “hope”
I don’t care for your faith
I don’t want your love
So you can go ahead and hate

You say “don’t do it,
Stop causing yourself pain,
You know it’s not right,
Stop taking all the blame”

But their not right about something
I don’t take the blame
I’m actually pretty carefree
I’m just not that sane

I have a place in this world
But I don’t really care
I just want to leave
So at a clock I always stare

I count down the minutes
Until the next day
And my life I love..
To lay to waste

I count down the days
Until my end
But I’m not all that patient
So I’ll just Pretend

And tell them that I wont cut
And they say goodbye
and good luck
And watch them leave

I wait till their out the door
And I turn away
And cut some more
I’m ending my life
and I’m ending it now
No ones going to stop me
No way,no how

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