Dec 02 2011

It makes me sad

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I sit and dwell, hope and pray,
For a day that isn’t coming:
You’ll open your eyes and find your way;
In clarity you’ll see what might have been
If you made the time for me.

It makes me sad.

I must exhume this part of you from me
Remove what made me fixate on you
The pain is sharp, like severing a limb
Keeping me trapped in this dark place I’m in.

It makes me sad,

You see, I’m quite attached!
I can’t see my future without you in it.
A simple refusal to let your memory fade.

It makes me sad. Unpractical, Unmanageable.
Unsentimental cold callous. Unrequited Love
Leaving me alone in the dark and dreary.

It makes me sad.

I want to love and live! I want to share and give!
And share, and care, and grow, and laugh
And finally surrender to Love

Alas in my mourning. through the darkness
I thought I heard you Calling out to me.
A fooles facade this flight of fancy…

It makes me sad.

Try as I might, I only see
One possibility: Sever your memory
Or let this darkness consume me
To move on, away from my hearts desire
Conquering the fear of the great unknown:
This reality without you in it:

It makes me sad.

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