Sep 29 2011

It Must Be A Dream <3

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Another day gone, another day past,
But i wanted this one to last.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better,
You have now opened my love letter.

Ive out the knife away,
To come back out never a day.
To You A thanks,
My heart is now in your river banks.

Its true happyness, you can see it on my face,
Even my past, i dont want to erase.
My friends are here,
But do they want to come near?

I dont care, you are here,
Look, i dont even shed a single tear.
No more fear, no more sorrow,
A better day will be tomorrow

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One Response to “It Must Be A Dream <3”

  1. pixieon 15 Nov 2011 at 4:16 pm

    To be honest, the poem itself wasn’t something I can relate to.
    Something I very much liked were the last two lines. Truly brilliant, those were.
    Do try and abstain from putting hearts on the titles of your poems. It makes for expectations of poorly written, amateur poetry, which yours are not.
    I wish you much luck for the future.

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