Oct 11 2011

It was all a game.

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We started apart.
then we spoke
i felt complete
happy with what had been mended
after it was broke

our relationship
we were so close. but it wasn’t long before
you had chose.

not a few days back
you tore me apart.
it felt like you stuck a Dagger
in my heart.

You called me down, everything was fine.
you shouted at me
for no reason
you broke what had been mended
i had apparantly “crossed the line”

you called me stupid
“a stupid little cow”
you carried on
i shut of my ears
so your further words could not hurt.

i went up to my room
too upset
soo distraught.
i thought everything was better now.
everything was healed
but you just ruined it all
your “”love”” was transfixed.

I got desperate
more than i have been in a while now
i opened the draw
and cut lines into my wrist.
this story has such a twist.

now i realioze.
it was all a GAME.
you make me think you love me
only to break
what’s left of me
when you ruin it all over again.

you left me wondering
what i had done wrong
was i not worth as much
to be on you pedistol?

you expect me to talk to you now
i can’t make eye contect
i don’t know why you would take satisfaction
in hurting me

you’ll leave me wondering
forever pondering
as i take a step out of reality
you’ll just walk right past me.
i love you
but i can’t help it.
you forever leave me stranded
while you smile
and watch for me to starve.
all over again
mine to endure
till the bitter end.

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  1. Valdoon 18 May 2012 at 9:39 am

    1) That even though I don’t alwyas like it, I have a job. ;)2) I finally got over my stubbornness and me and my dad are alright again.3) Today is my day off!4) Sleeping in5) NaNo is soon6) Australian accents. Apparently dad has a friend in Australia & he called him using Skype. That counts, right? I <3 accents.

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