Sep 08 2012

its really done now

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No more anger, no more tears,no more games im already there. the sun is bright, my life is not right and on this day will be the first candlelight. shine it in ur window and think of me on those dark stormy nights you will see, a shadow on the wall, a flicker in the night i told u everything was not right. i gave it all, i had to try and now its time to say goodbye a friend in woe was a friend in need and its to late now, as i can see, i asked for help , your shoulder to cry you never showed up or wondered why, i cant express my feelings inside, i dont know anymore and want to ask why but deep deep inside i just want to cry, my life is hell and a living shame my last day here will not be a game. so go ahead and shread me apart it doesnt matter its already torn my heart, im always someones hand me down they laugh and joke and turn it around. ive had enough of it all and ill go to hell and be the first to call,…. six feet from the edge and im thinking its not so far down… joann Domres

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