Jun 03 2015


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It dwells in the deepest pit of our souls
Subversion and ruin, its cruelest of goals
When least expecting, it then rears its head
Tainting the heart until dying or dead

It has no compassion, the winner takes all
It’s very unbiased, in regard to the “fall”
It tears at two hearts, so seemingly strong
Spawning destruction, it doesn’t take long

No stones left unturned, doubting all in its path
Sparking wildfires of fury, frenzy, and wrath
It’s accusative sword cuts so sharp and sure
And the damage that’s done is left without cure

It feeds on suspicion, doubt, and distrust
Tearing at foundations ’til crumbled to dust
It poisons the mind, ’til falsities seem true
Firing anger, unreason, and hatred on cue

It creeps on your being, no signal nor sound
Consuming completely, no empathy found
Tenacious reproach, this you defend
‘Til vows of security are tossed to the wind

This “green eyed monster” , it dwells in us all
And we’re never prepared when it comes to call
But if loyalty and reason dare take a firm stand
This emotion called jealousy can’t get out of hand

©Written by: Dee (Diana)

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  1. Fred22on 24 Oct 2015 at 6:28 pm

    I think that this is great ! You use of words and phrases are amazing ! I am blown by your work !! Thank you for allowing us to see this !!

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