Jun 18 2011

Journey Of A Friend

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I have his words buried in the back of my mind,
I used to think our destinies were intertwined.
I cannot forget the words he composed,
While reading, I was so very opposed.
People stared and looked at me,
When I all I wanted to do was flee.
I didn’t care about those people,
When my heart was turning feeble.
They told me to forget and move on,
I couldn’t admit that he was gone.
They tried to help in every way,
But only he could have saved my day.
I wondered why it came to this,
He should have been my first kiss.
Would I have stopped what had to be done?
To take him away from what had begun.
Will I ever get my happy ending?
I think it should start with my heart mending.
But right now, I need time and friends,
To help me through this life that never ends.

This post was submitted by Jersey Fontz.

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  1. Hiralalon 18 May 2012 at 8:04 am

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