Aug 23 2011

Just a Bit Crazy

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Every day
Is just the same.

Nothing new
Ever happens.

Few occasions
Worth remembering.

Here and then
I smile.

And it makes sense
At least to me.

No reason

Not gone mad!
Laugh at nothing?

Content with such tedious life?
Happy and deaf?

Every day
Is just the same.

But just then,
I imagined!

You are here…
Yes, you are.

You won’t dissappear,
Now will you?

Oh no, no, no.
You won’t ever go.

I won’t let you
Nowhere to leave.

But to me!
Well can’t you imagine?

Are you blind and cannot see,
That this is the truth?

You and I belong

Oh majestic!
Yes we are.

Our love forever?
Well, of course!



Just a bit..

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