Feb 03 2011

Just a game

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he wishes he was there to save her

but there’s nothing he can do,

she warned him about what was going to happen,

she wished he could of knew.

he wish he got it in his head that she wasnt kidding, now she’s dead.

why did she have to use that knife, and end his future and her life.

everything he said or done had a effect, now she’s gone.

he wishes he could go back to the past,

where this may could have been changed, instead of waiting for the last, and thinking its just a game.

every second without her his heart is beginning to break,

he can feel the pain of heartbreak in every breath he takes.

he still has hope that this really isnt true,

that he really needs her as if she needs if too.

all along he didnt know just how bad she felt, but now he knows how bad it was as if his heart just melt.

it just goes to show, she rarely ever lies,

even though she’ll try her hardest, he’ll always make her cry.

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