Feb 28 2012

Just a scrape

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Its dark
And she cannot see
Theres an ominous feeling
Much like a dream

She wanders alone
Down the empty hall
Looking at her feet
Hoping they wont let her fall

Her heart is bleeding
Her head is clouded
She feels like she’s dying
She chokes, the light faded

She cant walk another foot
She falls on the ground
Lets out her loudest scream
As tears fall to the ground

She pulls out her blade
Pulls up her sleave
Stabs into her arm
As blood flows out her vains

She likes the feeling it gives her
The rush that tingles her
It better than the other pain
When the one she loved… left her

He screamed and cut her emotions
Yelled and burned her soul
Beat and let her bruises
Left a shallow whole

Left alone in the cold
She runs outside and lays in the woods
And there, shes lays alone
Wishing that she could

Turn back the clock
Just take it back
The mistake
She was a fool

Alone and dying
Gasping for breath
She says one more thing
The fog of the air covers her words
As the Devil himself now sings

“I loved him more than any one
I wish he could have known,
Even though we made a mistake
I love him” Is what she maoned

Bruised now
With broken bones
her spirit wanders on
And watches over her one true love
Even as he moves on.

This post was submitted by Belle Nae.

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