Aug 10 2011

Just go…

Published by at 10:33 pm under Heartbreak Poems

if that’s what you think
then go away
just go away…

it’s crashing all around us
and we only watch it fall
because it got so old so fast?
was there nothing there at all?

i’ll never know, it’s much too late to try to understand
and if i grab to hold it close, i fear i’ll lose a hand
you tell me i’m not good enough in oh, so many ways
that i have wasted all your time and cluttered up your days
and i don’t know who i’ve become, this actor in a play
it’s not me, not who i am…i feel i’ve lost my way
alive in this thick darkness that chokes me with the air
and i can’t find me anymore, i hardly even care…

to look
to try to feel me
remember who i was
it hardly matters any more
cause all i am is dust

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One Response to “Just go…”

  1. Sarahon 16 Oct 2011 at 5:15 am

    I love this! This is how i feel!!

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