Mar 09 2012

Just Listen

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You are in my heart,
forever and ever..
I say i love you ,
it doesnt feel the same ,
new person same words ,
it’ll never mean shit.
i know…
I say im sorry ,
apologize over and over
your the only person i ever fell for.
Maybe ill accept the fact
you hate me
but never will i ever forget
the pain i caused ..
i didnt cheat,
i know how it feels,
being betrayed
it hurts so much worse..
Accept me , im sorry.
I love you
i know…
i hurt you
Forgive me .
Because without you..
there’s nothing left of me.

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One Response to “Just Listen”

  1. pixieon 09 Mar 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Know the feeling.
    Great poem.

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