Aug 26 2012

Just Talk

Published by at 1:38 pm under Betrayal Poems

I talked to you
It’s been a while tho
I can’t figure out
if your my friend or my foe

At first we argue
But I don’t want non of that
I just want us to be friends
And possibly go back

I talk yo you calmly
Like i always did
I worked and I was happy
We were talking again

We talked about the past
How we miss it
“Good times”
The sad thing is that
good things don’t last.

You told me you missed me
I said “I miss you too”
You said we’d talk later
But I guess I was fooled

You took awhile,
So I talked you first.
Thats when i figured
It was a game,
My heart burst

You say leave me alone.
Tell me you don’t care
Try to get a rise out of me
Try to instil fear

But i didn’t work
So now your gone
You’ve spread your wings
And you flone.

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