Jul 20 2010

Just You and Me

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I’ve never been more happy
than the way I am today
For I have a special something
that must be on display.

A light is shining in my heart
reflecting in my eyes
Illuminating the greatest love
we share, just you and I.

I’ve never felt contentment
than when I am with you
For no one else gives to me
the warmth and love you do.

So wonderfully amazing
as in our eyes we see
The feeling of security
when it’s just you and me.

I feel so safe within your arms
our hearts they beat as one
As we journey life together
on the road paved with our love.

Together as the years have passed
sharing all our dreams
We’ve watched the magic come alive
between just you and me.

I’ve never loved you so much more
than as I do today
Step by step and heart to heart
forever and always;

What better time to let you know
just what you mean to me,
But Valentine’s is every day
in the hearts of you and me.

by Christina

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  1. deborahon 12 Aug 2010 at 12:31 am

    been there got the mug and smashed it 👿

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