Feb 04 2013

Kain: The Second Rule 1.Vengeance

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The smell was something terrible,
The stench of men were dead,
Kain felt it chill him to the bone,
And infect his brain & head,

He looked down at his father,
A tear ran from his eye,
“Who has done this madness?
For whom ever they are they now must die.”

This place was cold and broken,
And all the guards were dead,
And all the women, oh! All the women,
It’s best it’s never said.

He made his way to the chambers,
And down the hall to stairs below,
He pulled upon a lantern,
And into the lair he then did go,

And in it’s resting place so bold,
There rested his father’s sword,
He put his hands upon it,
Lightning struck and rain then poured,

And right back up the stairs he went,
And out the doors as he lost control,
Through the gates of his own hell,
To kill the bastards who took his soul.

He whistled—For his horse was near,
He jumped onto it’s back,
He rode off through the pouring rain,
Fantasizing about his attack.

He caught up with the men,
There couldn’t be a dozen or more,
Them on foot, him on horse,
He then let out a vicious roar,

He sunk his sword into the back,
Of the man who marched the rear,
He took the heads of 3 more men,
And began to sense their fear,

And from his horse he flung himself,
And took all the men but one,
Covered in blood, there in the mud,
The man began to run,

But running was utter useless,
For Kain made a motion with his blade,
And from that motion — Through the air,
Into the man’s back the blade then laid,

Kain came up on the man with a vengeance,
“Who sent you!? You pathetic fool!”
The man then muttered his last breath,
“The..Bringer..of…The Second Rule.”
-Dennis Mayer

This post was submitted by Dennis.

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