Feb 04 2013

Kain: The Second Rule. 2.Crimson

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Fatigue set in and made him wary,
Kain clinched onto his steed,
For days he’d triumphed ever forward,
Never to stop — Going full speed,

He’d decided himself to go to Crimson,
The biggest town with richest fools,
To seek the man who caused his pain,
“The Bringer of The Second Rule.”

The city now hugged the horizon,
It’s walls within his grasp,
He could hear the echo of festival laughter,
Through the valley canyon cut in half.

He met the walls of the city scape,
And through the town he then did go,
Past the market, past the shops,
To a place where wisdom’s sought to know.

He got off his horse, reached for the door,
As words then came his way,
“What brings you Kain? Why come to Crimson?”
Kain then entered the home of Ray.

“I’m out back, just come on out,
I feel your mind is filled with doubt,
Find your way to the seeing tree,
There’s words to speak here—You and Me.”

Kain always hated Ray in his mind,
And told him twenty times before,
The stupid wizard never listened,
In fact he seemed to do it more,

Kain made his way out to the tree,
Ray broke his stance from the tree one foot,
In a pose he was in with one hand up,
He removed his other from where it was put,

“You look like death warmed over,”
Ray asked him what it was,
Kain told him that the King was dead,
A flash of light made Kain’s ears buzz,

There was no sound but painful ringing,
As Ray stood there in disgrace,
The wizard said, “I’m sorry Kain,”
Death took the life of the Wizards face.

No more words were then exchanged,
Not even a single mutter,
Both the men just stared there blankly,
Looking into eachother,

They then put their hands upon the tree,
And one hand in the air,
Their minds went blacker than the night,
As they drifted off away to nowhere.
-Dennis Mayer

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