Feb 04 2013

Kain: The Second Rule. 3.Visions

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Out of the darkness there came a flash,
Light grew from dim to bright,
It quickly filled the endless void,
Like sunrise does to night,

Except this light was different,
It was something manufactured,
It was whiter than the whitest cloud,
As it flickered, broke and fractured,

And just in a moment it broke once more,
And peeled back onto it’s self,
And in one spot in front of them,
It formed to greater wealth,

Like an instant caught in time,
It suddenly was gone,
And all the whitest light so bright,
Blurred into color on the walls it was on.

They stood there in an empty room,
As it’s walls began to appear,
A figure then came into focus,
And filled the men with fear,

It was a man with long white hair,
And robes all painted white & black,
He turned and stared them in the eyes,
They broke the stare and both stepped back,

[Kain]”Do you think he knows we’re here?”
[Ray]”I think he knows we’re not”
[Kain]”Do you think that he can see us?]
[Ray]”I believe he sees what’s sought.”

He surely was the “Bringer,”
For his eyes were made of sin,
He pulled his sword out in a flash,
And began to charge the men,

Ray threw his hands into the air,
And mumbled ancient speech,
The “Bringer” kept on ever forward,
But they stayed out of his reach,

The “Bringer’s” blade came crashing down,
Into the ground with great despair,
He shouted words they did not know,
And gone was all the air.

And then the light was back.
And all the color gone.
The walls fell through the floor,
And fell the floor the walls were on,

Darkness hit then men.
An endless void of black.
And suddenly they were at the tree,
Reality was back.
-Dennis Mayer

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