Oct 14 2010

Last Rights

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I will be lesser than a ghost.
I will not ever be in contact with you again. after this.
It’s all there. burn it all to hell… and as immature as you may think this to be.
let me have my last words,
my last rights.
my last feeble moments at my kittys death bed.

Tare tears to shreads.
Tare to shreds the pieces of love that was once flourishing
.Burn at its death
forget what’s before
Throw what was thou stresses
Anger you not
for love was only
Goodbye to what’as desire
goodbye to what’as lust lived.
Thine hearts love no longer
Truth be lies for told be deceit
.For now be gone loves ties shattered un to hate be thy feelings.
Goodbye dear sir;
Loves anger be hated

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