Aug 21 2012

Left By Angel

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It was not a lady young or old,
With all the beauties of stories told,
But an angel who laid me low,
Who raised his hand for the final blow.

For his eyes saw deep inside my soul,
And I mourn even now for what they stole.
His lips met mine with burning passion,
And there was love in the Angelic Fashion.

His touch sent shivers up my spine,
And all I wanted was for him to be mine.
I gave him my everything,
And for me he did but one thing.

He soared away on midnight wings,
In my ears his whisper still rings,
“I love you with all my heart,
But forever we now must part.”

The reasons for this I cannot know,
For never in this world his face does show,
So I’m left cold and alone,
Chilled by anguish to the bone.

So I’ll wait eternally,
For the angel to come back to me.
I shall wait out my days alone again,
So that I might see my angel in heaven.

*For Angel…he’ll always be the one who got away*

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