Oct 17 2011

left for them to claim.

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one tiny mistake
i wasn’t there in time
to catch you.

And You Fell.
My Fallen Angel.

i carried on
with my way of life
but then the Darkness came
attracted to me
summoned by my Strife.

I entered a place
so very Dark
where the only light left
was locked somewhere
in this dead heart.

I couldn’t see
where my path was to be
i felt around
but soon gave up
and fell to the hollow ground.

My heart was torn
hope dangled from a thread
and you left me
in this daily torture
where no light was shed.

How can you look me in the eye
after you wished for my demise.
that one girl
she called me names
when i was in my darkest place

that was it
i thought to myself
i’ll go to my room
and pick up that knife

i sliced away
no thoughts of day
no lust for night
time was unimportant
it washed me by.
my state ever increaing
this is how i became
so Insane..

you place me back in this place
where the very shadows bring back pain
i have come to believe
that you do this purposly

you enjoy seeing my masked hurt
have you ever noticed
that i love you?
or is that what you already know?
something you’ll never show.
maybe it’s not there
that feeling for me
all just a dream

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  1. ImInnocentXHDon 25 Oct 2011 at 7:11 pm

    This is amazing hunni! :’) xxxxxx<3

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