Oct 24 2017

Let go of the hate

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Staring in the mirror and the light reflects,
Like the memories of yesterday,
My heart deflects,
Why can’t it ever be easy,
Why can’t the world have peace?
That’s the question I’ve been asking to myself for weeks.
Get off the ground you fool,
Because you’ve been here before,
It’s the nature of the beast and it leaves you sore.
You better wake up,
Before it gets too late,
Because god’s comin’ at you like the pearly gates.
You gotta get up,
And put your ego on hold,
It’s time to stand up,
And not do what you’re told,
By the Media,
The TV,
And Jimmy,
The shit you read online,
Doesn’t anyone get me?
It’s a travesty—
It’s a break in the heart.
But the break starts the beat and the beat’s the start.
You gotta get out,
And let the politics go,
Because the media messaging is f&%#’in outta control,
Put down the phone,
And just go for a walk,
And when you see your neighbors
You gotta stop and talk.
Because life is too short
And you’re only getting older,
Let go of the weight that you have on your shoulders,
You gotta love eachother,
Before its far too late,
And you gotta let go of the hate.

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